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Governance in Africa is  intertwined with the way of life of the people.Africa2U seeks to engage in dialogue about Governance in and out of Africa, that affects Africa, and its people and culture.

I will be part of a panel, for "Diaspora United &Turning brain drain to global health gain, co-organized by Boston University, Constituency for Africa, and Harvard Medical School
(Chairs, Daivi Rodima-Taylor, Melvin Foote)

Note by the organizers:

The African diaspora is one of the most dynamic, diverse, and highly educated diasporas in the United States, comprising generations of people of African-American heritage as well as millions of foreign-born immigrants. It has exerted a profound impact on the evolvement of democratic institutions and civic liberties of the United States. This forum builds on the agenda of the African Union to create broader global possibilities for sustainable dialogue, productive partnerships, and Pan-Africanist solidarity to advance Africa and its diaspora. It focuses on social and technological innovation among the diaspora and on the African continent, and explores diaspora’s role as important facilitators of African innovation and knowledge, and turning brain drain to global health gain. Link:


Working with the New Partnership for Africa's Development and specifically the  Africa Peer Review Mechanism, in Uganda, opened my eyes about the complexities that come with diversity and why managing diversity is key to improving governance at national, regional and global levels.

I shared an opinion about this in an article that was published at the New Vision in 2009  


Following my naturalization into American Citizenship, I was invited by the County of Hawaii Office of Immigration to be a feature speaker at the the Constitution and Citizenship day and in my remarks, I briefly challenged American citizens to learn about different cultures of the diverse immigrants, that together make the United States of America.

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